Olga Danilova (Almira Ilvairie)

Olga Danilova (Almira Ilvairie)

I was born on August 2nd, 1971 in a small village near Pskov, Russia. Graduated from Mathematics and Mechanics department at Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) State University. In 1997 I moved to the Netherlands. The same year I launched «The Lighthouse of All Ways», the first forum dedicated to Daniel Andreev, a Russian poet and visionary, unfortunately not well known outside Russia.

Two years later I quit the position of forum administrator. Soon after that «The Lighthouse» ceased to exist. In 2008 I returned to Daniel Andreev related activities and became a moderator at Rozamira.Org, a successor to the old «Lighthouse». At the same time I participate in the revival of «The Lighthouse of All Ways» as an Internet journal based on Daniel Andreev's ideas but focused on a wide variety of cultural and social topics.

All my fantasy and fiction is indirectly based on «The Rose of the World», the best known book by Daniel Andreev. «The City on the Blue River» is my first attempt to express Daniel Andreev's ideas in the form of a fairy tale, making them accessible to the general reader. The story was received warmly by the Daniel Andreev related community. I plan to continue working along these lines. Since 2011 I have also been working together with Eugenia Chernysheva on «The Star Ocean» series.

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