Mikhail Pustylnik (Athenaios)

Mikhail Pustylnik (Athenaios)

Born in 1977 in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from the Plasma Physics Department of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, got a Ph.D. degree. Plasma is my professional occupation to this day. My status of a scientist allows me to expand my horizons by means of travelling and living in different parts of the world. In this way I spent two years in Japan and since 2006 I have been living in Germany.

From my youth, I was enchanted by two things: «The Rose of the World» by Daniel Andreev with its universal panorama of different worlds, held together by Divine Love, and by a historical era which ended long ago, the antiquity with its tiny but independent and proud cities which saw the pinnacles of cultural achievement. At the same time, I had a dream to present the gods of Hellas a bit differently compared to the way they were seen by the ancients: not similar to human beings and far from perfect, morally speaking, but as real benefactors of human race that worships them.

However, only in 2010 after joining the forum Rozamira.org and getting in contact with Olga, I felt ready to start realizing that dream. Step by step, the idea got an artistic form and turned into a project currently named «The Woman with the Shield». In this work, not claiming historical truth, I am telling — in a totally new way — the life story of Hercules.

The other idea appeared after reading the «ship» stories by Olga and Eugenia. «Island of Melqart» — this is how we call at the moment the future cycle of stories about the earth life of the Star Harbour. To «reach out» and start practically realizing this project is the ultimate limit of my present artistic dreams.

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