Welcome to the Studio TINTO website!

Our goal is to make this world a better place through art. The lightship Tinto is the emblem of our studio, you can see him on the logo. We want to give light to people the way he does.

You will find here selections of photos and videoclips telling of the beauty of this world and of the human soul, tales of courage and kindness, faithfulness and love. You will visit different cities and countries and hear many wonderful stories. Tinto will accompany you on your journey. We join him in wishing you a good voyage!


> The IRBENSKY lightship
> Amber Radio
> Complex Numbers


2014-01-07 13:39:38
Mary Axl concert in honor of the lightship IRBENSKY -... (more)

2013-03-28 08:15:05
Sometimes you see something beautiful but have no camera at... (more)