Eugenia Chernysheva (Unia)

Eugenia Chernysheva (Unia)

I was born at 1983 in the city of Novosibirsk, where I live now and which I love very much.

Currently, I work at a gymnasium, teaching the Russian language and literature. Besides that, I make up gymnasium's newspapers.

I love all that is beautiful and try to bring beauty into this world. Creative works is something like the meaning of life for me. I write poetry and fairy tales, make beadwork adornments and paint sometimes.

The world of ships came to me at 2011. Ships struck me with their life stories, which are so much alike humans. I started a novel, «The Way of the Ship». Soon after that the first stories from «The Star Ocean» series were written by me and Olga.

I feel myself as a low-speed. I always think that I could do more than I have already done. But in someway, I keep going my own course.

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