The Woman with the Shield


The story of Hercules is known to everyone from childhood, however here the ancient hero is seen in a totally different light. He is not at all a narrow-minded brawny superhero, he is rather a delicate personality, somewhat of a mystic, who knows both beauty and love. On the other hand, like his mythical prototype, he is physically strong and purposeful. He is one of those who come into this world not just by accident but to radically change the life of his nation, and that is why his entire life becomes an open arena for the fight of Good and Evil.

My story of Hercules, who is supported by the Woman with the Shield — the benevolent goddess Athena — and suffers from the intrigues of the snake-haired female dweller of a deep gorge in Hades, is more mystical than adventurous, although it contains many adventures as well.

The secret of the birth of the son of Zeus, the story of the daughters of Thespius and the defeat of Erginus, king of Orchomenos, the journey of the Argonauts and labours committed at the service of Eurystheus, slavery at the court of queen Omphale and the last years of his earthly life in Calydon and Doris, apotheosis and ascension into heaven, and, finally, his life in celestial regions — nothing meaningful from the myths escapes my attention.

The action takes place at the decline of Cretan power and at the beginning of the flourishing of Mycenaean culture. The area of action spreads from Balkans to Caucasus and from Danube to Crete.


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