The City on the Blue River


Yura Vostretsov, a schoolboy from Moscow, falls asleep while reading a book and suddenly finds himself in the magic city of Kitezh, which is mysteriously connected with Russia. He makes new friends there: Seryozhka, a boy of the same age, a winged horse Vortex, Lilia, Seryozhka's elder sister and an ex-military pilot, and a live airplain Axel. Yura also meets the creating forces of Russia: Prince Vseslav and Princess Ladomira. Accidentally, he gets involved in a battle with the demon that tries to kill Princess Ladomira. Yura realizes that after getting home he must tell other people about Kitezh.

Genre: Animation

Based on: Olga Danilova (Almira Ilvairie), «The City on the Blue River» (in Russian)
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Requirements: Knowledge of Russian art, icon painting, decorative and applied arts. Ability to think outside the box. Being familiar with Daniel Andreev's works («The Rose of the World») is highly appreciated.


> The IRBENSKY lightship
> Amber Radio
> Complex Numbers


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