The Star Ocean


Why do we wish to believe that ships are living beings? Why do we think that their lifes are so much like lifes of humans? Perhaps after their service on the earth they dwell in some other world close to us? The Star Ocean series will tell you about the Star Harbor, the world where ships can take human form and live together with the people who love the sea. The world where humans and ships understand each other, the world without wars and death, the world where everyone's life is filled with learning and creative work, and where the boundless space of the Star Ocean is opened for every soul.

We suggest for animation:
> The Star of Seas
> The White Raider
> Living to Give Light

Genre: Animation

Requirements: Being familiar with best works in world animation, including Hayao Miyazaki's works. But the most important is a passion to sea and ships.


> The IRBENSKY lightship
> Amber Radio
> Complex Numbers


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